DREX Workshops

As part of my research project investigating the barriers and facilitators experienced by stroke and brain injury survivors we have recently hosted and run some workshops, inviting survivors to discuss how we can improve our training and showcasing some of the improvements we have already planned in order to continue to provide an accessible training option that is designed for, and as much as possible by, the people that will be using it.


This past month we have hosted our most recent workshop, looking at a few specific changes we are looking to make over the next few weeks. One of the most important items for us is the production of informational videos covering a number of different subjects such as how to download DREX and the specific assessment and training trials that you will see when using the app. As these videos will be seen by users when they are looking to find out more about DREX, or to troubleshoot any issues they are having, then it is imperative that these videos convey these messages simply and in the easiest possible way to understand. Therefore it is best if these videos are made in conjunction with the people that will be using them. We make the user the most integral part of any update process as the only way we can guarantee these updates will be of benefit is if they work for the intended audience. Therefore these videos were seen by the workshop attendees, all of whom were stroke and brain injury survivors. The feedback provided has directly influenced and changed the final videos which will be uploaded in the coming weeks.


There are other aspects that we have been looking to update and other ideas that we are keen to implement such as the best way to advertise our training, whether or not user manuals would be of benefit and how we can best help people download the DREX app. Through conversation with stroke and brain injury survivors at these workshops we have been able to change these ideas that we have had into actual tangible outputs that can be used. It is great to have a supportive network of individuals willing to assist us with progressing the app and hopefully this will lead to a greater positive impact on the quality of life stroke and brain injury survivors experience.


We are looking at running more workshops over the coming months for stroke and brain injury survivors, carers and occupational therapists. If you know of anyone who would be interested in attending, or you yourself would like to attend then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. There are a number of ways you can contact us so feel free to choose from one of the options below.

Contact Paint

Thanks for reading and we will see you soon!


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