DREX: The Clinician Portal

Up to two thirds of people suffer from some visual problem following stroke. The DREX app aims to train stroke and brain injury survivors to compensate for this visual loss. However, we also provide an additional service for all healthcare professionals (G.P.’s, occupational therapists, etc.) working in the rehabilitation of stroke and brain injury survivors:- The Clinician Portal.

The Clinician Portal is a free webservice which enables healthcare professionals to connect to their patients. This is beneficial as it allows the healthcare professional to track the progress of their patient and can also be a great motivation tool for the patient.

The Clinician Portal can be accessed using the following link https://apps.dur.ac.uk/drex/login. The portal is available for all healthcare professionals wanting to both refer and track their patient’s progress. The first thing required is to register with the portal. To do this we require your full name, an email address, a password and the company that you work for (Stroke Association, County Durham and Darlington NHS Trust, etc.). After creating an account we will verify your account based on the information you have provided. After this you can begin using the portal.

When first logging in you will be presented with the Clinician Dashboard. This is where you will be able to view all of the patients you are connected to and see a summary of how they are doing. The portal also allows you to click on specific patients to see how each individual is progressing. The data can also be downloaded.

 Clinician Portal Summary

For more information about the portal and how to use it then check out our web page detailing a step-by-step guide with screenshots here:- https://www.dur.ac.uk/psychology/research/drex/clinicianportal/

Thanks for reading and we will see you soon!


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