DREX: Assessment and Training

So our previous blog posts have outlined how we have gone from lab-based training in a University to a free app accessible around the world. For this blog post we will be looking in a bit more detail at the app itself. Specifically the tasks the app contains and how to complete these.

After downloading and registering with the app the very first thing you will be able to do is to complete an assessment. The assessment consists of 7 separate tasks that are designed to test your current visual functioning in a number of different ways.




In this task, 4 red dots are presented in the centre of the screen. A white dot may or may not appear briefly at some point, either at the centre of the red dots or elsewhere on the screen. When you see this dot your objective is to tap or click on its location.



Visual Search: Images

A number of items that you might find in everyday life will be presented to you during this task. The number of items presented will vary. The objective here is find the pen among these items and either click or tap on it.

Vis Search Images


Visual Search: Numbers

For this visual search assessment, the numbers 1-20 are displayed around the screen in a random order. To complete this task you will need to either tap or click on the numbers in order, starting with 1, then 2, then 3 and so on. To finish this assessment after working your way to number 20 or if you can’t find the next number then just click or tap on the “I’m finished” button at the bottom of the screen.

Vis Search Numbers 


For this assessment you will be presented with a paragraph of text taken from Grimm’s fairy tales. There is no time limit so you can take as much time as you need to read this text. After reading it just tap or click the screen and you will be asked three questions. These questions will ask you to identify a word from the text, identify the type of formatting from within the text and to answer a question related to the content discussed within the text. These questions can be selected by either clicking or tapping on your chosen answer.


Short Term Memory

You will see two sets of numbers within this assessment. The first set will appear in white for a period of 10 seconds and will disappear. After a short period of time, a second set of numbers will appear. For this assessment you will need to click or tap on the number in the second set that was replicated from the first set.


Quality of Life

This assessment presents you with a series of questions about your everyday life. You can use the sliding scale provided to give the answer that best represents your views.


After completing these assessment tasks you can then select the type of training that you would like to complete. The two options are Reading training or Exploration training. It is important that you select the type of training that corresponds to the area you want to improve most. For example if you want to improve your reading, then select Reading training. If you want to improve your vision and your ability to explore the world then select Exploration training.




In this type of training, a word will be displayed in the centre of the screen. The purpose of this is for you to decide whether this word is a real word or a made-up word by either tapping or swiping the screen respectively. In this type of training you are being made to read the entire word prior to making a decision. Therefore, your eyes are being made to move across the entirety of the word. As you get better at this training type it will get harder. More words and longer words will appear.

Reading Training 


In Exploration training you are presented with a number of items on the screen and the purpose is to find the item that is different from the rest. This could be an item of a different size, shape or colour. This training type makes you move your eyes around the whole screen to find the target.

Exploration Training

Through using the training within the DREX app we hope that those with partial visual loss following stroke and brain injury can get the rehabilitation they so desperately need. If you’d like to get in touch with us or want to find out more then check out our contact details on the Contact Us page.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon!


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